Friday, February 27, 2015

JUN Hyper Lemon - Complete.

Only the best Multipurpose Machines made by JUN get the name ... HYPER LEMON!





Wangan Top Speed...

 A machine like this doesn't keep an SR20.

RB26DET with 2.8L stroker kit is the mandatory conversion!

1000hp targets were finished years ago. So a reliable 1000hp is enough for a beast. 

 Adjustable drag wing and a chute for when Zero-Yon drag is enhanced by slicks and boost increase.

It's a shame that these kind of cars that were the norm in 90's Japan have made way for the popularity of Porsche, Lamborghini and Ferrari tuning.

But you can guarantee... you will still find a bunch of S-Chassis fans that can't get the HYPER LEMON Style out of their blood.

I am one of them.

So ...

Come and check it out on track in Drift Spec. Sunday 1/3 @ GCRC.


  1. This thing has some menacing lines! Time for a 300km/h blast down the Wangan? ;P


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