Saturday, February 14, 2015

V2.2 Update

We are geeting serious now.

I decided to revise the livery slightly as I moved towards the end. I still have a ton of decals and a load of detail to go.

but the overall theme is well and truely cemented. I still have the Diffuser extension to add.

The final theme is a bit of a combination of an old design for the top and new design on the side. 

Matt Ellis Designs doing most of the cutting sheet stickers.

They start life similar to this. Application takes care, but the end results are...

Simply awesome.You will notice some uncovered areas. front fenders and parts of the rear fenders, but there are items for these also.

front vents, Dash and diffuser, then debut.


  1. How did you do that without any screws and how did you do it with the front bumper (just leaving 3 mm under the headlights ?



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