Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sweet Silviations on the GC

one eighty,  one via...

Silvia and one parts car.

No matter which you choose to run, the s-chassis is definitely the bread and butter of drift.

It's always a challenge matching angle and speed, but when you get it right, it looks awesome.

Either one out....

Or squeezing the juice.

No room for the in-clip.

Punch it deep.

It's all amazing fun! We love to laugh... whether it's leading hard or hanging it over the wall.

 Match or better. but respect the proximity.

Chase or lead... it's all groovy.

The other day I set up the dozer as a reference making sure my wing would slide under.

Tonight I was putting it into practice drift shifters style.

Nothing I love more than hanging the wing over the fence. My Pandora 180sx is a long machine and adjusting to the difference between this and my 86 takes a few laps.

must be time for another comp.

Twin drift team competition!  sounds just fine.

Thanks to my photographer tonight.

low light blur is OK by me.!

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