Monday, February 2, 2015

RE-Xtreme V2.2 - Tamiya 86 + Addiction RC Ver.2 Body

The D1 Spec Rocket Bunny V2 is nearing completion. TE37-RT installed.

Need to open up the brake ducts and install. tidy up the comprehensive wiring.  Front features 24 separate LED points and the two main headlights.Rear features 16 LED points and 2 indicators.

Super GT Mirrors are on. Cusco GT Wing... End plates need trimming. Rear diffuser needs installing.

Then sticker sticker sticker.

Even though it's D1 Spec... I thought I'd get it registered for some Wangan B route use.
Folding number plate for the Hashiriya club.

And daytime Chiba number. Michiron hachi roku desu!

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