Monday, February 16, 2015

Gemini + Turbo

A few weeks ago I changed the settings on me ESC to resemble some GCG Turbo power.  But now it's time to bring back some control.

I've actually switched chassis to another DRB, but the results in offset are the same.

Even +2 offset has annoyingly been grinding away at the rear fenders. The front already has a little lip for space and camber allows for +6 (+5 with a small hub.)

But the rear upgrade to +9 could mean some drag style wheel tubs, but I think a visit to the panel shop for some fender extensions will be the direction I choose. I should be able to substantially lower the car at the same time. expect the fenders to be raised to the center crease of the body.

so the end result shouldn't be too different, but the result should mean... more aggression can be applied...! wa ha ha!

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