Wednesday, February 18, 2015

GCRC Middle Madness Part #2

 Lets start in the garage...

Then get on track.

Shakedown of a new shell always needs a little setup. 

A somewhat tentative approach is recommended.

Then a few single laps to make sure you know where you can push it. 

 And get to know the length.

Stay behind and dial in the performance.

but sooner or later, you know your new glossy machine is due for attack.

But the regulars at GCRC respect the money and time invested. 

these two are brand new but battle ready.

As you can see. game on!

I believe the game was "sandwich master" at one point.

An awesome night.

Twin and tripple 86 battles.

one out also looking good.

two up was super tight.

Is it better to give than receive?

It's all the same to me.

Because if you find yourself in the middle in a midweek mad matsuri mashup. you have to handle both. 

Rear wheel drive and CS battles are no issue.

But the RWD are slightly slower, so as long as you respect the speed difference.

You can play all day.

and all night.

Hi there.

Wanna get it on...?

you'd better run...

Because the chase comes fast.

But your not the only one in line.

take a number...


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