Monday, February 16, 2015

RE-Xtreme V2.2 Update# Mounting

V2.2 + RE-DRB Samurai!

The Red Overdose DRB dubbed "Samurai" is full of alloy bling, but recent upgrades have made the machine quite wild. Wild Tommi Makinen has been installed as test driver.  If anyone knows about fast+sideways, it's Tommi!

Since the GT-four wheel drive Celicas were banned from WRC, I got a bit bored with front wheel drive non sliding cars. fast as they may be, they just arn't as exciting as the 4wd or RWD machines. Tarmac Rally is one off my absolute passions. it's a natural progression to full on mountain drift stages.

Ive added another 20 or so logos that simply disappear among the overall theme.Huge thanks to Matt Ellis Designs for the vinyl cut! AWESOME! the fine slits in the speed hunters door logo are perfect.

Rear diffuser extension is on.... tried some alternate +13 wheels. Remember that's a +8.5 hub already on the rear. 

With Spice +12 (+13 actual) TE37 RT, stance will be a little higher, but basically the position is set.

Narrow scrub front end shouldn't need too much trimming. looking good.

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