Saturday, February 14, 2015

Milennium's D1 / Beginners track.

Lap after lap, I can run this line for hours. Build up speed in a straight line. the flick and hold.

Run the rope line with the throttle 90-100%... I could run this all night... and in fact... I did.

Unfortunately no shots of my main battle partner and I together,

But at this D1 scale speed it's FULL ON!

Car's around 2.5CS give good results here. 

MST Hardest and about a 9.5T gets you overcoming the grip level on this special surface.

Previously used for on-road racing, the surface has some inconsistent sections, but it's all good.

Harder spring settings and rear bias help get it out there.

Handing my machine over to others for a while.

And the camera in turn, allows a mix of photography and driving.

A few others on track trying the D1 style.

Getting close and mixing it up.

Guns blazing.

Milennium Circuit regulars don't use this space much. It's the beginners area, so watching out for the odd Spint 2 and Model Engines machines is a necessity.

But for me. Once a month... I get my fill of D1 Drift.

Right out on the ragged edge, side by side

With "that look and feel

Huge high speed entries,

Right on the edge

Strong transitions

I rarely get my ESC feeling the heat, but this is one place that does it. Going hard.

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