Sunday, February 1, 2015

GCRC SSS - Summer Sunday Session - Part 1

Some static shoots that look pretty cool.

There was a hell of a lot going on today... First Up was S-Chassis battles.

 My Blue Overdose DRB is back down to 3.0CS. Very predictable.

Many battle partners today. ARD CE-RX

DRB twins and ...

Yes More s-Chassis.

And more 180sx.

 So where did all the 86s go?

Right here.

Front Row
White- Tamiya + Rocket Bunny V2, Yellow- Tamiya + Rocket Bunny V1
Blue - Yokomo Orido V86 + Rear Fender, Orange - Yokomo Orido V86, Bomb- DLike Rocket Bunny ZN6
Orange - Tamiya, AE86 - HPI.

Now for some action... check part 2

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