Saturday, February 14, 2015

Carpet Selections

A few photos from Millennium Raceway's carpet tracks.

 Millennium raceway has three tracks. 2 are carpet. one is very very very tight.

 And the surface is a little fast for my liking, but the regulars at this track love this setup.

It's by far the busiest of the three tracks.

A couple of decorative features. 

And a lot of action.

If you like this style ... go for it.

The other central track is very very high speed and looks very very "radio control". The carpet is getting a bit inconsistent, but a lot of people run here also. 

A lot of muscle in the mix last night.

this track is wide and the super high grip means you have to go fast to get slide. but the tyres and grip gives you margin for error.  

A bit of an encounter with the Wolfman

Not bad with a lazy eye.

It's True, No?

East meets west theme is pretty cool!. + Tetsujin FTW!

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