Wednesday, February 4, 2015

ZN6 Specials

ZN6 is the Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ chassis code. TRA-Kyoto V2 body kit adds another variation on the slide...

and on the side.

You never really know when these machines will appear.

There;s always some new styles on track.

Currently with a lot of tuck.

but the Testsujin rims are looking pretty good. New owner waiting for some longer axles.

Perhaps we will see a swap from front to rear. Lots of thread here.

Some very nice details on this shell.

cage, rivets, exhausts, front supports,

Loads of details.

next up is another ZN6

Subaru BRZ with an 86 light transplant. Setagaya Numberplate is from the affluent part of Tokyo.

The stock Tamiya shells are pretty fat already. 

 Side mirror deflectors are a nice touch. Overdose rims matching well.

Stanced right.

some FO pipes are a nice customisation.

Got Style... Get More.

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