Sunday, February 1, 2015

GCRC SSS - Summer Sunday Session - Part 2

This image is one of my faves so far. the driver silhouette makes all the difference.

There were so many battles today, of course my own awesome battles were off camera...

So I settled for only a few minutes of action. this transition was tight.

I love my FD3s RX7 battles. This one was fantastic.

Lead car is RWD and chase is high CS.

The RWD theme continues. Black on black.

the bonnet vents really showing in the light.

We call this machine the Cupboard. big and square.

But uber cool!

A bit more FD"CS" action

2mm extended lip topline N2-Model looking awesome.

Chased by the S14 around RE-Xtreme Corner.

RWD and CS battles are no problem these days. Respect the speed difference and all is good.

I was hanging over the track tying to get the in clip.

Some drivers really going for the shot.

This machine did clear the wall, "just"

I'd love to see this body on the deck.

Touge time.

I like shots like this.

Lining up this in-clip is dangerous.

Lead car on line. Chase cars narrow entry to catch up.

Lots of tripple and quad runs today.

Loving the low shots... expect to see more.

Last laps in the sunset.

See you next time...@ GCRC

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