Saturday, February 21, 2015

RE-Xtreme S13 Debut

At 207mm Wide front and rear.  The Option #1 S13 is a monster by day...

... and by night. Static image or ... action. Lets have a look.

My day started with that mad task of wheel selection.

But eventually I chose these chrome Street Jam Meister S1 as the main set for that JDM look.  

Offset is +10 but they are actually about +12.

Filling these fenders is a tough ask.

Street Jam 17" TE37 are just as JDM and just as suitable.

Shonan 13. A drifter from the coastal area south of Yokohama. 

There will be some changes to livery on this one... perhaps a little more of everything.

Still a lot of details to get this one up to my level.

But I'm pretty happy with it as is.

I handed the camera over to another cool hand for some photography.

And what he captured was awesome.

The colour is bright yellow backed with gunmetal. And gunmetal features.

But it's very changeable in different lighting..

I was pretty conservative with the proximity to walls today. The Ninja DRB 1.9cs is the chosen platform. 

With all the rain over the past few days on the Sunny Rainy Gold Coast of Australia. The track was behaving with considerable more grip in the super wet / humid conditions.

But a first battle was tested.

I did a little cruising for the camera too.

I think I'm going to add a drag style parachute and rear wing to the rear.

 Because I need a little weight back there.

Don't forget... 1st of March is S13 Festa at GCRC. Everyone's pumped. 

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