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Drift Bible - Chassis Set Up for Millennium Raceway Concrete - Countersteer

If you try the Millennium Concrete track there are some changes you might need to do to your chassis to get the best results.


Knowing every track is different, At Millennium Raceway you won't be chasing grip. There is an abundance of that. So settings are based around a manageable drift at close to max speed.

My target is to emulate a faster D1 style speed on the wider flowing #3 beginner/D1 track.

Millennium Track Design and Surface

There are 3 tracks at this venue... This is the beginner / expert high speed track.
Millennium has a coated concrete surface that remains from Touring car and Pan car racing..

It is very very smooth and you can run your body shell extremely low also but be prepared for roll.

The layout is at the WIDE and OPEN end of the spectrum and requires a narrow window for setup as speeds are quite high.

Depending on your line, there can be a straight, but because of the open nature of the track, most will opt for the extremely long full to mid throttle corner. and a few small corners in the large kidney shape track. 

As the track is surrounded by rope barriers, Even with higher top speeds, impacts are not a real issue unless you meet a stationary parked car.

Millennium Suggested Tyre  

These are my recommendations only.

Tyre for a CS or 50:50 chassis are the following :

MST CS-R Gold Dot . A little faster grip but well balanced.
Tyre wear is low but not negligible. Nothing too dramatic. 1 set will last many nights.

MST GA26 HP will give a little more realistic lower speed

but the sharp edge design will need a more refined setup. Not for beginner.

Millennium Power Recommendations  

With the tyre grip at a high, you still need a certain amount of power get the rear wheels spinning.
But not so much as to just wheel spin the entire track.

We select a 9.5T~10.5 motor which is just in the pocket with the tyre and CS setting.

A 7.5T is possible but unless you have an ultra-deft trigger finger or delay the exponential curve to a hard to manage setting, it will be a struggle.

Even 5800mah batteries only tend to last from 35 to 45 minutes with this power. That's a good thing because
ESC temps will be high as a large percentage of the Sweeper and infield is full throttle.
So take a few breaks during this time.

Millennium Suspension and chassis balance

Remember you will be needing slip to generate slide. So a medium to hard setting and rear biased weight will keep the tail on the wall and the angle up.

I use heavier oils in the 40 weight range and 60 up front.
Springs are in the medium rear range and hard at the front. This allows the front to skip a little more and not drag the car towards centre of the track.

I also remove any front bumper weight (still fitted in the picture above) to release the front grip and keep the ass on the wall.
A 30g weight on the rear can have a similar effect.

A rear weighted shaft drive chassis like Overdose Divall would be awesome here.

Light but rigid plastic chassis would also be good. A Yokomo drift package would also work well.

Millennium Counter-Steer Ratio.

Higher speeds usually mean lower counter-steer ratios.

What do I mean by lower ratio:

I'd go in the 1.8 ~ 2.2 range for this track. Although I run my 2.5 here, I think a slightly lower target and a more rear biased chassis would work even better.

With the need for more power you can also use a straight up CS increase in the rear spool.
A CS ratio of 3.0 is not suited. The low wheel speed of the front cannot balance an over-driven rear at these speeds effectively.

Driving style should be higher revving control in the upper throttle range. We need a balance of grip and speed and high speed drift will always have less angle around a long sweeper but you can still flick the car into the end of sweeper corners. 

Millennium Counter Steer Setting Summary

Surface: Coated Concrete
Suggested Tyre: MST Hardest
Power: Higher rev motors around 9.5T
Suspension : Medium - Hard
Weight : Lighter front and Rearward weight bias.

With those things in place your chassis dynamic will allow for ripping it up at Millennium - D1 Style

Enjoy your RC. 

Get the D1 look at Millennium!


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