Saturday, August 1, 2015

86-R Wild Entries.

86R from RE-Xtreme on Vimeo.
RE-Xtreme RC Drift Package Rear Wheel Drive Drift.
RE-Xtreme is Russell Gander
Image: Luke Anlezark

RE-Xtreme RE-DPWSDM Tsunami Spec-R

Drift Package Weight Sift Drift Master.

Chassis Base: Yokomo Drift Package - Drift Master Version

Upper Deck Front: Yokomo DRB
Upper Battery Mount : RE-Xtreme Custom Aluminim plate.
             Battery position changed to lateral position on upper deck.

Rear Shock Tower: DPDM Raised to Upper hole
Rear Suspension Arms : Team Suzuki +1mm Wide
Rear Suspension Shock Extension : Team Suzuki
Rear Hub : Yeah Racing
Rear Drive Shaft: Yeah Racing Steel Universal.
Rear Differential : Yokomo Stock plastic Ball Differential : Very loose.

Rear Shock... Long Stroke Conversion
Rear Shock: Yokomo BD  SSS Size
Rear Shock Shaft : Team Associated (Buggy Front) +10mm
Rear Shock oil : 20wt
Rear Spring : RC926 15mm Hard + Separator + Tamiya 20mm Drift Spring Medium

Rear Suspension Mount RR: Overdose Adjustable for Drift Package
Rear Suspension Mount RF: Overdose for Drift Package
Front Suspension Mount FR: Overdose for Drift Package
Front Suspension Mount FF: Overdose for Drift Package

Front Lower Suspension Arm: Yokomo Rear Drive Conversion
Front Knuckle : Yokomo Rear Drive Conversion ZERO Decree
Front Upper Suspension Arm: Wrap Up Next Version 2 "4mm shaft"
Front Upper Suspension Mount: DRB Servo Mount replacing upper bulkhead.
Front Upper Suspension Support : Custom
Front Monoshock Support: DRB Front Tower L/R Sectioned

Front Shock...Monoshock
Shock : Yokomo BD SSS Size
Shock Shaft: Normal + Long Ball End Extension
Spring: RC-Art Medium
Shock oil: 20wt

Front Steering: Active Hobby (Copy) Slide Rack Custom Position

Front Steering Extension: RE-Xtreme Custom Extensions

Steering Servo position: Rear.

Front Bumper Support : Team Bomber
Servo Saver: Overdose Type 2 for Yokomo

ESC: Accuvance Airia + Chevalier Dash + FULL Boost + FULL Turbo Setting
Motor: Accuvance Luxon KG 21.5T
Servo: Sanwa BLX Digital
Gyro: Sanwa SG01-D
Receiver: RX-472

Control: MT4S 40th
Setting Note: Servo Return Speed Minus78%!!! Very important

Rear Hex : RC-Square +8mm
Rear Wheel : Top-line N Model +12
Total Track 216mm

Front Hex: Yokomo Plastic disk
Front Spacer: +1mm
Front Wheel: Top-line N Model +9
Front track: 200mm

Body: RE-86
Tamiya GT 86
Addiction RC Rocket Bunny Aero
Yokomo Accessories.

Tyres: Let the debate begin.

I will be recommending a control tyre for GCRC soon but this is a tough tough situation!
Because the speed difference is large depending on so many factors and is more influential in RWD as the involvement of weight and motor plays a much larger part to equalize performance.

But there seems to be a settling on the available MST tyre sets in Australia.

My Setting for QLD tracks.

GCRC Track 1: Polished Concrete.

GCRC is a scale focused RC Drift Circuit. 

The gauge is the CS car running HDPE. Nothing else.
Note: High RPM motor: Will be WAY TOO FAST because your FD-R will simply rip the rubber off the tyre. This is simply not the desired result. If you leave rubber on the GCRC main track, you will be asked to change tyres or your setting. If you don't know how... then please use the second "open setting" track. 

Power : 21.5T or 17.5T

Rear: MST CS-R Yellow Dot
Front : MST FRF Gold Dot.

Personally, when there are no CS cars, I like the slightly slower style
Rear: MST CS-R Red Dot

GCRC Track 2: Polished Concrete (Open Setting)

On this track there is more grip available because beginners use the track, it has all types of rubber compounds and plastics covering the surface.  The same tyres can be used above, but driving will be easier.

Millennium Circuit : Carpet (fast)

Millennium drivers are a speed focused group. Speeds are at least double that of GCRC.

Power : 7.5T-10.5T High RPM motors
Rear: MST CS-R Red Dot
Front: MST FRF Gold Dot.

I use the beginners circuit with:
Power: 21.5T or 17.5T
Rear: MST CS-R Green Dot. 
Front : MST FRF Gold Dot.

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