Friday, March 25, 2016

Bianca & Ms.Bianca

As if this Yokomo S13 + Addiction aero wasn't looking good, sometimes you want to show off a bit more.

underneath, her name is Bianca.

Original S13 build by top secret, this body has been through a few hands, but always seems to evolve a little.

Recent additions are these larger Speedline 2.2 which run the same CR-1 compound that is the control tyre at GCRC.

Yokomo bodies are always bigger than most so can accommodate these rims easily.

These are clear versions with white painted backing.

an interesting look for sure.

But I know you RC fans are mostly guys. So Today's photoshoot includes a few glamor shots.

Arynz Bianca.

Ok, so onto the underwear. 

Hikotec Bianca is a drift package conversion, but the drift package standard components on this machine include, Gearbox internals and .... sus pins. Thats about it. so it was totally built from single item purchases.

Black upgrade items include. Overdose, Wrap Up Next, Tail Slider, etc

Overdose RWD front knuckles, High grade shocks, Bumper Weight , Battery Holder, FF, FR, RF suspension mounts and Adjustable Rear Toe Block. Servo Saver V2 and a few more smalls. 

All the goods.

 Tail Slider shock mounts are super rigid, Type C upper arms are linked, but shocks are forward mounted only.

Keyence Luxon BS Dual and Sanwa Super Vortex Plus link through the M12s

RC926, Wrap Up next and MST suspension components finish off one of the best. Performance is as good as it looks.

Large battery used for great stability.

Definitely Full Tune!

With Bolt-Ons. Which one am I talking about. 

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