Tuesday, March 29, 2016

YADSEUT - Handbrakes not handbags.

Close proximity high speed entries... Handbrakes not handbags.

If you get it all right, formation will follow the whole lap.

But it all starts with getting the proximity onto the straight. With the wide corner, it's easier to close small gaps with slightly shallower line to get right on the bumper.

Before throwing it into the deep.

But sometimes you go that tiny bit too far and a wall touch straightens you up in a hurry. But we always try to run the wall.

Slight safety margin on the far side of the track

But you still have to run hard. Because the chase group approaches quick.

There aren't too many occasions we try to carve up the inside.

two pair...

Become a four car train.

Then when you are comfy, 

 Lock on an close up.

Trying to mostly keep the in line train order, other times when not organized,  Swapping becomes common.

The two silvia's here are usually R32 also. Still wearing bodies from the recent S-chassis day, the Nismo corner is a good match. only 5 R32 Mooners today

Some great fun.

Silvia double Skyline double. 

And singles.

Driftline Double.

S-Chassis S-Curves

Side by Side

Slide by Slide

Awesome sessions again.

Loving the RC.

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