Tuesday, March 1, 2016

GCRC Full Moon

Finally... All the Moons are on track... and what a sight they are.

The gradient was awesome. Hard to believe they are all HCR32 style machines 

colour plays a huge part in each machine's image.

 My latest white machinelooks so much bigger but of course all are the same size

Still many stickers to be applied, but I couldn't resist the first outing.

All of us were having an awesome run. 

RWD in the main. Slotting into a train that ran all night.

Picking up additional drivers.

And leading them along. 

Good to see so many in the line.

Been a while since I saw this 180SX on track.

RWD JXR proving effective.

So bring on the trains... and the line training. I think 4 hours of constant running created some solid ideas of line.

Some deeper than others.

organising the troops takes a constant attention. need some headsets for in car communications.

Love this shot... from in clip to out clip.

one car spacing... Pretty good for a large number of cars.

Because that space can tighten up real quickly.

 R32 low Style.

Follow the leaders.

 Hang back that little bit while they battle it out.

 Keeping the watchful eye on things.

Shove the nose inside from time to time, but always respectful of the spacing.

Training... these images were over 10 minutes of a constant session. I cant remember doing a single lap without some kind of proximity over 4 hours. 

Now... how can I run my two cars at once...?

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