Sunday, March 13, 2016

GCRC S-FESTA Silvia Style Session

Show over... Lets see some GO!

With about 24 cars on track at the same time... It was non-stop battle.

two on two.

CS / 50:50 / RWD... some awesome battles.

But when you get a screen full of cars like this... you know there's going to be carnage... haha.

but eventually, everyone works out their speed differences and the trains start to form with equal speed.

This is a good place to be... on track and having fun.

Our Photographer was envious of this session.. Huge thanks!

because the action was well captured.

Keeping it on the wall, sometimes means letting someone up the inside. It's all fun. 

Sneaking through.

Hooking in.

Lining them up.

for the Super Silvia Sweeper.

around the back

lap after lap.

 An awesome session.

Nissan Motorsports Division would be proud.

Amazing Session!

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