Tuesday, March 22, 2016

GCRC 2 Late - Part 1

GCRC Has been going off. Simply awesome sessions! Never 2 late to join the party.

D-Like RE-R + R32 Low Slide Style

 Hook it in and hang on tight!

Drift Line DL-001 and DL-002 Locked in a private battle.  

Recent trip to the Queensland Drift Matsuri providing some inspiration.

RWD Style!

Winding off lock onto the straight.

Takumi or Bunta... You never can tell.

Gloss White or Rough World Matt Black.  

Recently the battles are making way for trains as we gather the troops. 

And the results are getting better and better.

Sure there are some mistakes, but we are leaving enough room for small error. 

All drivers still standing on it hard in battle mode. 

But we are practicing dialing it back that 5 % for constant training.

My shots done... time for the photographer tag team...

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