Monday, March 14, 2016


 TRA-Kyoto S14 Boss now in 1/10. It really didn't take long to get this out there.

Now I don't know if these are a test run from HPI or the real deal. But they have a few areas that could be improved. The Lexan is incredibly thick. While that means strength, it also means cutting it out is super difficult. 

pre cut graphics are great, but the details are a bit lacking.

Lots of vents to cut and SPL light buckets to go in. Fitment is good. 190 up front 

rear is 200 real car also wears different offset.

So ready to go. 

no way...

The kit includes this complicated diffuser setup that still allows the bumper to be installed or not.  

It's hard to work out where you need to cut. Even though it's moulded like this. there's no cut lines.

 It's a bit guess-o-metric I originally thought i had to leave some extra to join but it's only the main diffuser ends and the uprights. Basically look for the dots as clues. 

I left a little lip on the rear of the diffuser but the real car doesn't have that. Just flat. 

BOSS... hmm... it got flaps...!

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  1. I think a chameleon color or a bright green would be nice


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