Monday, March 7, 2016


There are always more than one way to achieve a result. 

 DRB-REW... Rear Evolution Weight-shift.

 Larger battery used with a stronger rear spring.

Black machine is using the older style front bulkheads.Wrap up next upper arms accomodatedby the REW Type C Towers and Support. Forward position arms with extensions providing the sweep. 

Silver REW using V2 front setup with Yokomo DIB and DP RWD parts. DP Long wipers providing an incredible range of sweep. Short battery used with a lighter rear spring. 

So do they handle the same? Well they have a very different feel to drive but on track results are remarkably similar.  Strengths and weaknesses to both.

The black machine is a little more rigid thanks to the V2 Hyper drive bridge and the black chassis is .15mm thicker. Rear setup is also quite different and gives a slight active camber traction advantage.

SSG lower plate... Alloy rear arms and geared drive.

CSG lower plate , plastic OD rear arms and Venom belt drive.

The same....not really... I think there are are about 30-40 differences between these two chassis. 

The most noticible is the trailing rear link suspension. Something inherited from a donor chassis.

Quite Effective.. You will notice a much larger contact patch on the rear tyres compared to the SSG chassis setup. Grip is up on this chassis, so I'm finding dialling more power to compensate.

Both cars running 7.5T which is about 40% too much. But I love the ability to blast at will. Never running out of the ability to break traction, even at higher speeds. But you have to control that power with finger restraint... hehe.

Loving the DRB-REW. Quite satisfied with my creation.  

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