Sunday, March 20, 2016

Yokomo Rubbin's Racin'

Yokomo R-03DT + Gram Lights 57 Gainer.

The look when Yokomo body matches Yokomo Rim and Tyre is very different to other brands. Typically the higher sidewall changes the rolling diameter and a few other things.    These wheels are stock with the Yokomo SD-Sport MR4TC with 86 body as well as other entry level grip machines like the RF concept.

There used to be a SS Super Sport Stock Touring car racing class in Japan running these tyres and a 50:50 Drift Package.

Install 4 of these on your Rear Wheel Drive Drift machine and you no longer have a drifter, you have pure RWD race car.

Counter-steer cars cannot run with these tyres as the wheel speed imbalance is too much, but 50:50 and RWD have no problem turning the drift machine into a race machine.

The gyro gain was up a bit high, but the effect was awesome.

WOW, the DRB Weight Shift REW was amazing. Massive weight shift making it a pretty interesting 2wd touring car. It's been a long time since I'd done any RC racing so my reflexes are way off for accuracy, but I could definitely get into this as a once a month stress out. 

A lot of fun.

Now, using these on the front of a RWD drift car was fine. the more grip we can force through the front seems to allow the rear to push against them harder and simply accellerate the car through corners. A fun test.     

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