Tuesday, March 8, 2016

GCRC 2oosday.

Well... Another Tuesday night rolled around and I must say I really look forward to this each week.

I'm still learning about Rear Wheel Drive RC Drift, but I can't get enough.

Lap after Lap... Consistent and repeatable. Once you have your setup... you can concentrate on driving line and building those great experiences.

I am having a lot of fun out front setting a line these days. Just as much as sitting in behind and following.

My deep lines keep everyone on their toes... 

Huge Shout out to my photographer tonight. Great Images.

My DRB-REW Prototype has been joined by a few more. 3 on track here. They all have a different feel due to personal configurations. 

But you can really have some fun with them.

High Speed braking entries on full lock look absolutely awesome.. 

Lap after lap.... dialled in. White is me. RE-Xtreme. Yellow is Arynz Slider, Blue is The Fletcher.

DRB-REW proving to be quite effective in all it's different permutations whether using Yokomo Drift Package Wrap up Next or Overdose components. Spool or Ball Diff, Short Lipo or full battery.

 When you have this level of control, it's all good.

AWESOME!!!!!! Absolutely Captured.

AWESOME! High Speed entries with absolute proximity.

The white R32 is not finished, but soon will receive it's final livery.

But until then, I don't mind a bit of battle.

Again these images represent just a short period of a long endless session. I haven't had this much super close action ever.

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