Tuesday, March 22, 2016

GCRC 2 Late - Part 2

GCRC Training Sessions are getting intense.

Wild willy now running Low Style. 

One person I have been training with always has a smile on his face. 

When we are battling this close... fun is joined by excitement. 

My DRB-REW in attack mode. Massive angle big entries. =  :)

Straightening it out while keeping proximity is also a great challenge.

Sometimes it's a drag race as you approach the straight, but measure your throttle application and you can fall back into position.

Our RWD drift trains at GCRC are really improving.  Getting the right pace up front and equal setting is good.

Measured spacing ensures collision free lapping.

You can't even see the wall in this pic. Total coverage!!!

Close is as close does. 

Changing position now and then until everyone is comfortable. 

Running together lets us learn a good line that allows room to switch and transition with minimum proximity.

the slight inside line can help close the small gaps. 

About 4 hours of door2door2door2door2door.

High Speed entries in a train... Awesome!

When you throw it in... you need a bit of space... 

But by the end of the corner, All we be close again.

Sometimes we laugh but sometimes it's dead quiet.

Concentration is king.

With national holidays coming up... we need a break. But we'll be back with a vengeance Tuesday week.

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