Sunday, March 13, 2016

GCRC S-FESTA 2016 Body Showoff Winners

Pink is popular. This GCRC S-Festa 2016 body showoff winner cannot hide.

The Yokomo S14 is a pretty cool machine. All the right details just cot to accentuate them well. Interior cage is good scale.

Got stance.

Just a well executed build taking the 1st prize.

Up close you can always find more to do ...

.. but this machine was just a couple of votes ahead as the top 2 drew most of the votes.

2nd place carried a slight pink theme.

Stripe and cage in a well executed theme. Rear exhaust is an interesting item.

When you have 20minutes to scan your eye over 45 entrants. you want to give each one the time they deserve,

But without that time... impact is everything!

I actually shed a tear as I took this picture. Almost 5 years to the day after the Japanese life changing earthquake. I remember all too well.

3rd place was a single colour S13.

It really was just a single striking appearance that grabbed the votes.

Small details finish it off.

Big pipe and zero camber drift rear.

Yokomo again in the copper mix.

As I crawled around the floor at GCRC I noticed some unique expression.

Not everyone takes the time to try something different.

This FAT hpi S15 showed off a little difference that made it stand out.

This BOSS S14 was just completed for GCRC S-Festa. The owner of the zero fighter just wanting that debut shot. 

We expect to see many of these appearing at events soon.

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