Sunday, March 13, 2016

GCRC S-FESTA Twin Drift Competition

These days to take out the twin drift comp at GCRC, you have to display all the elements of drift.

That means spending a lot of time door to door and having equal setups.

While there were some new pairings on the day. Its good to get experience.

Because you will end up on film.

These two unique machines were looking awesome. 

I threw the GCRC boss and a young gun together. But I forgot that one machine was RWD and the other CS.

At times they had it all going really well, 

But small mistakes ruling out the win.

Outright speed difference is hard to manage.

 These two are regularly drifting together. RWD and 50:50 combo.

Again showing some excellent corners.

but ultimate speed differences again spoiling some great runs.

These two machines were well matched. Their warm up lap was awesome. 

But the pressure of twin drift means that complete one lap attack must be perfect.

These two RWD machines suffered the mismatch of speed too.

Unfortunately, we are finding that the single tyre compound we use for a control tyre OOSpeed CR-1 can be super fast or a bit off the pace. Nothing to do with setup here.

The same car can be transformed by the same "spec" tyre.

Sneaking into view... Unfortunately I bumped the dial on my camera and took a batch of images that were way too dark.

My apologies, 

But i managed to same some of them in post processing.

Because they should look like this!!!

Super Slash. These two thrown together at the last minute too. More side by side would bring the rewards.

on film and looking good.

No Shots of my laps thank god!!! We were terrible. 

These two guys battle together a lot. CS and RWD.

 Because they know each others strengths they can get into position and still manage the gaps pretty well.

Looking good.

Remember the carpark scene from F&F Tokyo Drift. This one has a better driver.

So that leaves two teams. These two guys you would have seen a number of times. I think they have glue on their cars.

Pretty inseparable. 

Only a couple of very minor errors swaying the voters.

These two were on it!

Father-son team driving their own design custom "Driftline" RWD chassis.

Identical setups gives you a definite advantage but they still need to be driven.

 And driven they were... to the top spot.

Congrats to all entrants.

It was fun. Competition is very different to just driving around. This format allows a bit of comfort and the ability to show off your skills.

Love the twin drift!

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