Sunday, March 13, 2016

GCRC S-FESTA 2016 - Body Showoff

Welcome to the 2016 S-Festa Coverage. Starting with the Body Con...

With so many awesome Silvias and 180s and s-chassis in general ... how do you choose?

Do you take the street theme or D1 theme. 

Or something a little unique.

Is a previous year's winner good enough to take it out 2 years in a row. 

about 45 entries in all with some additions just for show. An amazing turnout. 

So many silvias.

Everyone's hours of body building on display.

Details... add to the look.

And individuality enhances it.

14 or 15...

or 13 plus some Itaisha styling.

Dusty brown or shiny silver.

Yokomo, Pandora, ABC Hobby and others all on display.

D-Like, Uras, Addiction , Maruma, and many many more,

I still can't believe I had to choose something unique for the RE-Xtreme Award.

Popular vote will always split the field in an array like this, but a few will stand out.

It maybe a detail or a theme, but it's usually a combination that grabs. 

What colour's your fancy.

Fender additions and bumper changes maybe?

Engines and more.

Super Clean or well used missile. 

Every time you see something. small changes impress. door handles, mesh, aerials. things just get better. 

and one mean machine.

Was good to have everyone line up. It's the people that make it even more fun!

Next up... the winners.

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