Sunday, June 26, 2016

Countryside Drive.

What line would you run this countyside drive?

Drifters love their country roads and some shorts straights are definitely also part of it. True 90 degree T intersections and undulations are unavoidable. Hills are also massive part of any road that contains my favorite corners.  As I think about what a drift track might resemble. I chopped up the elements and when I joined them together it looked pretty normal.

Where can I build it?  In the country?

Find the hairpins at IRO-HAZAKKA


  1. what about elevation changes and humps, the two tracks I visit are all two dimensional with some rough spots that really work the cars suspension, I often find myself aiming for these spots just because it adds to the action

    1. Undulations definitely cool. but must be gradual and scale and not 45 degree incline.

  2. agreed I think a carpet track might be the best bet for this kind of set up.. maybe some wood working to make it smooth and flowing


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