Tuesday, June 14, 2016

GCRC Last Tuesday - Part#2 Battle Time

My last big battle night at GCRC was awesome! Fantastic and Spectacular!

Some incredible battles and unbelievable fun.

A huge thanks to Martin Frener for doing the photography tonight. My Yokomo based DRB-REW with Demi Works Rocket Bunny & Tamiya FD3s Rx7 body shell is a formidable battle weapon. De-tuning for proximity was a must. 

Battle #1 - Andrew rocks a full Overdose FR-D with an equally fully tuned Rocket Bunny V2 GT86.

Some awesome laps with super close proximity.

The RB Style machines were pretty much in sync.

Battle #2 - Ridwan runs a mix of chassis, so you never know which one is underneath. 

Running a little less speed and angle, this one was an easy target, but on the straight, some serious speed really keeps you on your toes. His never give up fun attitude always brings a huge smile to my face! 

It's not always one on one... in fact that is always a rare occurrence at GCRC. Two, three and more car constant battles are endless.

This one was Epic.

Battle # 3 - My little pony, Wes was running this RMX with the Ex-Pipes! owned RB-7.  

She is a pretty little machine.

 There was a lot of "horsing around" with the Bad Bull

Wes and I always run a super aggressive battle, but we enjoy it so much, that even with the agro mode in play, smiles and laughs are still #1 priority.

I think we did about 10 laps with ABSOLUTE ZERO gap one after the other.   Should be some good vids.

It's always awesome running similar machines. Great to back in the Sevens.

Now of course there were many more battles on just one night, but when I run in the "Driftline" it's more a smooth flow, that ultimate intensity.

Battle #4 Dave and I both run our own design chassis. Which is better? You can't really tell. They are different. That's all you can say. The results leave us pretty much an even setup so the flow we can create is pretty damn impressive.  

Later on we did a couple of laps where I was calling out the very light contacts I was making.

 It went something like this over one lap.

Back fender, back wheel, door, back wheel, rear bumper,  back wheel, back wheel, door, door, door, back fender, back wheel, bumper and so on, and so on.


Dave has an uncanny ability to set the same line, lap after lap whilst the style remains flamboyant.  

I'll include this shot again because, the 'Driftline' stable mate is James. It's always fun to "HULK SMASH!"

I really enjoy every one of my battles, trains and one out laps.

GCRC regulars have completed many thousands of laps at this Venue. We have all come such a long way over the last few years and especially the RWD uptake in the last few months has been incredible.

Everyone has their own drift style and it's been a pleasure to see the best extracted to it's fullest.  

Just like MAX ONE in Tokyo, these diorama style circuits have a real attraction for me. Time spent at GCRC was a big slice of my free time over the last few years and the people I met are great friends.

Finding another venue that rivals what has been the best in Australia, simply has to be, the best in Australia.


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    1. Yes, 3 years or long hours takes dedication by the track owners. Something that was too much to continue. GCRC is 6 days 9-9 pretty much. Shop, On road, off road, slot cars, simulators and more. Will be missed


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