Saturday, June 4, 2016

GCRC Grey Day

A grey day at GCRC, torrential rain and the removal of the grafitti wall had a big impact on everyone.

 The colours come from the cars only!

 I took time out to take some pictures. My White R32 is however still on the Drift Line.

Even if it's parked in the carpark, we run everywhere.

I think we have explored every inch of GCRC today. Pushing right into the extreme corners.

Battling with all comers, another great few hours as combatants came through the doors.

Battles were tight and relaxed as well as aggressive.

Straighten for speed..

Angle for action.

 ready for the SWITCH

Sakura 86 style

Addiction 86 Style.

TRD might be subaru, but it isnt NISMO!

 Building speed into of the final sweeper

A great day, even if it was wet outside.

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