Sunday, June 12, 2016

GCRC Last Sunday

I guess there are three Bosses at GCRC.

Left 50:50 Boss by Ben,
Centre CS 3+ Boss by Scott
Right RWD Boss By RSG (owned by Scott)   

Three different cars. Three different styles

Not even full lock. hehe... 

Some awesome battles would be had.

 Just a short session, but very enjoyable.

Good to see a lot of faces around the track from Brisbane and Lismore. I'll be catching up at venues all around the area.

Now if you you grew up in rural Australia. This is a normal thing.

Commodore Ute. CB Radios antennas, Roo hunting lights and some wildlife protection for the car. Definitely a beast made for some "circle work"

Especially on the grass.

Yee Haa!

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