Tuesday, June 7, 2016

GCRC Tuesday Train - Battle

As GCRC is nearing closure, we are certainly making the most of our time here.

Todays Drift school was about running a wide out clip line vs a short in clip line while still maintaining max drift. So some images may not be on the wall, but that's intentional. 

While some laps were super deep and wall scraping. 

Others were narrow with not a wall in sight.

I am proud to see DRB-REW customers really enjoying them. This purple Hachi sits atop a DRB-REW. Black and Red Sticker R32 coming soon. 

This Red R32 sits atop a DRB-REW. 

With the owner having lots of fun. 

Joining my own white R32 DRB-REW,  The yellow moon is now atop an experimental DP.  

A whole lot of fun deep into the parking area, which we have now determined to be part of the track proper.

Training in play. The guys holding a nice line. 

But I was also demonstrating that GCRC can support many lines if you mix it up.

In this case I wanted to run across the inside then slot in front of the train. But unfortuately the followers came with me and abandoned their following mode.   

But they paid the price. :) or did they...  the guys love their battles too much to keep it in the train for too long.

So I too joined the battle mode.

REW-Double Attack. 

Really getting these two machines equally matched.


I guess I was expecting a bit more angle than the others. 

It's a fine balance between angle and forward motion. As the wider you get, the less forward propulsion you get.

Ready for THE SWITCH. Some incredibly tight battles tonight.

Love this shot! ON the freaking limit!

My Photographer tonight was playing with scenery. A lot of the shots I haven't used as the cars were hidden behind towers and trees, but this one was just right.

Is this a three way...

no is a battle quintet

Absolutely going for it.  Sometimes it's just full on battle mode.

Hammer down until you make a mistake.

then someone else is right there to slot in on your tail.

Again... just 5 minute of a monster session. The quality and fun level is off the charts.

Thanks for the fun.

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