Friday, June 10, 2016

GCRC Friday Lumberjacks

Arrived Late... then 2 hours of constant door to door with some added extras.  Great Night.

Apologies to others tonight, I only pulled out the camera when my transmitter battery died. Couldn't stop. Probably THE most fun I have ever had.

After a few dozen laps absolutely inseperable, We saw the other track was free. Due to slightly extra grip on this side, CS is quite difficult but RWD laps it up. It's always had a dual use. D1 or Beginners. 

These two cars are so short. The rear of the WRX and the front of the Altezza are literally a single inch when the transitioning. After some amazing battles and the tightest of tightest transitions.We wanted another challenge.  

Drifting side by side through this tent was easily achieved. Then it escalated.

Eventually. Becoming rally style drift between trees, past 10 trees with tiny margins and more... Superb fun and skill building. I hope to see some video soon.

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