Friday, June 17, 2016

GCRC Final Battles Part #2 Closure

GCRC - Gold Coast RC Raceway has been a big part of, not only my RC Drifting Hobby, but many many enthusiasts who passed through the doors over the last 3 years.

I wish to express the wishes of all by saying a huge Thank You to the GCRC Owners Martin and Marianne Moolman. 

While Martin Moolman is predominantly a Champion Off Road RC racer, he enjoys a bit of drift for relaxation.  Like others, he progressed through 50:50, through CS and on to Rear Wheel Drive and supported all those who wanted to try new directions in RC.

And these days, there's a lot of directions. While not on track in the final sessions the rest of us were as usual, going for it.

The Rocket Bunny influence is HUGE in RC right now. The wide fendered machines are always ready for a battle. If you are lured up the inside by a black RX7... You have to follow... right>? 

And stay on line. But it also means that previous lead car has the right to fight back... right?

And so it was for more than a few laps of crazy aggressive battles. No trains here. 

Just full on side by side deep entries and glued together drift. 

After an awesome deep entry and running the fence as far as you can. 

Suddenly you get the chop... 

And you are good to attack again.

In these shots you will find a different lead car in almost every one. Such was the game.

But whoever was in the lead, the chasers were coming.... hard.

Among the intensity you can still find those perfect moments.

We were not the only ones having a great time with some great machines lapping well. 

It was good to see a bunch of RE-Xtreme FD3s sevens on track.


And even better to play along side.

Overdose Vacula RWD vs DRB-REW + Overdose RWD Awesome fun.

Passing close by my seating position. i made sure I spent tome close to the track today.

Because when you are not at helicopter height watching above the track. At ground level, GCRC's true colours would come out...

... and you could enjoy the party atmosphere.

As you slash by.

 And battle up.

Some keen partners joining the seven battles.

in what was a great night to finish the GCRC chapter.

3....2...1 the countdown was coming...

To that final corner with the handbrake locked.

GCRC has closed.

We will find start the next chapter soon.

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