Saturday, June 4, 2016

GCRC Sundy Set

Sunday. Yet another amazing session.

The two moons were door to door for most of the day mixing it up.

Unfortunately no side by side pics but the team cars looked fantastic.

While the white car has blue glitter paint. the black flames on the red machine is inlaid with orange. Gives that extra dimension in the sun.

While a few laps on the main track, there were some serious attack sessions on the D1 track.

Always others to battle with.

Nothing Stock looking at GCRC!

Boss Style.

mixing it up lap after lap

Sometimes you need a break.

Kazama S15 still a good looker.

CS wheel speed on show.

Making the most of the diaorama setting while the GCRC set slows to closure. Drift until we can't no more in Australia's best venue.. 

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