Sunday, June 12, 2016

GCRC Last Sturday - Part #1 San-Ni Ni-San

GCRC regulars are still pumping out new machines.

The motivation is still there.

Since I developed the DRB-REW and found a nice body shell for them, I've been honored that the guys have joined the team spirit.

Not only DRB-REW but also MST RMX , R3R and other CS cars joining in. 

We have been getting some awesome imagery on track. 

While not everyone likes the R32, the Nissan theme is especially strong at GCRC. ER34.

And C33 also running hard.

Some others running a more normal street look. 

but when the A~Bo~Moon set are in the train. it looks awesome.

4 R32s just here, but all Nissan.

Latest DRB-REW + R-SanNi owner is Jason-san. 

Rocking some deep Sparco NT rims on this "protoyype" looking shell.

The Matt black is a good looker. 

RWD Style is unmistakable.RE-XTREME Raji Dori! since 2004.

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