Friday, June 17, 2016

GCRC Final Debut

Tonight was the last chance for some to debut that final build.

This green machine is a BRZ. The Owner is definitely a Subaru Man.

After you add the full rocket bunny kit from Addiction, some might say, how can you tell?   The tell tale sign on the Tamiya body is the vent in the front fender.

The other sign is usually the lights, but these have also been replaced by 86 items. So to sway the favour back in the Subaru camp we add WRX bonnet scoop and of course finish with the Subaru badge.

lighting will have some nice effects soon, but to finish in time for GCRC's final battles some things have to rush..

My own 86 has shredded a few thousand laps at GCRC, been rebuilt three times but still holds it's own.

My 86 also wears some STI components, but it's Toyota.  It's cut lower for a different effect.

DRB-REW under both. makes for a great set for battle.

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