Sunday, June 12, 2016

GCRC Last Sturday - Part #3 Battles Galore

GCRC Battle Style... 

CS, RWD and 50:50 ... Anything goes.

Big trucks

Big Men.

Skyline Style.

And more.

3 shot RWD sequence... very high speed entries.


When you get it right, there's a huge grin! And the challenge to do it again.

Sometimes, not quite right. But the traffic has a lot to do with the right entry point.

Youth and experience.

Yokomo devoteeeeeee.

D-Like RE-R getting the angles.

4 Door Low Stlye

Meets 2 door low style --- not so scraping.

and lifting on castor angle.

Still looks good slicing past the trees

Carry the angle.

JXR RWD double

Was this too much? I'd say yes.

But definitely not too much fun.

Beginner 50:50 style

to expert CS and RWD

GCRC has been a wonderful venue that has seen regulars and newcomers having fun.

That's what makes GCRC so awesome!

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