Friday, June 24, 2016

GCRC Trial Surfaces

What is RC Drift anyway. Why do we play? What do we want to do?

Do we want to be serious and ultra realistic, do we want to emulate a style,

Do we want rc speed or scale speed. 

Do we want to be able to get cool rwd style and absolute proximity.

Are you afraid to run the wall?

Are you afraid to ride the curb? To test your suspension and CVDs. DRB-REW and RERs were working pretty well. 

Test your droop, rebound and compression settings?

Are you worried about scratching a body or chassis? My Chassis and body combo is way over $2000. 

Are you ready to combine all these in battle mode. 

in between poles and walls. And collide with them constantly.

Are you ok to ride over grass and  still stay on line.

These are all things that RWD handles easily. No setup changes for me other than raising the ride height slightly.  

Battles were intense and as we are in a confined space, you are close to the action.

You can feel when you are squeezed.

And you can really feel it when it goes wrong. Vertical grass features are special creations. Bolts and metal supports are very special.

With more grip on offer, high CS should require some gearing and/or power changes as it always does to balance grip vs wheelspeed and they are way less forgiving on the different surfaces.

From smooth to rough on a downward slope was no problem for the RWD clan. Awesome fun actually.

Lots of PLAY with new terrain, new grip levels, tight spaces, 

And obstacles. Is this what we want... to PLAY? Or do we want more serious action? Do we want competition, or constant close proximity.

All these things offered a lot of interest for a single session and get you thinking about slight modifications and ideas.

With lots of carnage on offer, tonight after one 4 hour session, we saw, broken body shells, wings, broken suspension, broken wheel rims, broken CVDs all from from harder running and collisions with this track's special features.  

We see that the flexibility of RWD can handle anything with ease and the cars tuned on a GCRC polished concrete surface are simply shining in another environment with more grip.

Was it fun? Yes,
Did it have some elements of reality... Maybe.

Do we want to do it again? Definitely up for the discussion.

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