Sunday, June 12, 2016

GCRC Last Saturday - Part #4 RWD Moonster Battles

It's going to be hard to get the RC experience back to where we are right now at GCRC. 

This would be one of my favorite shots ever. 

The whole environment, the shop and compound, the two drift tracks, the cars and chassis, the awesome drivers who are .... the people and community.

This last Saturday was for some 11 hours of crazy action.

Those long hours spend by the Moolman family, have been a huge undertaking. As I look back through the blog history, the shots were pretty good. But I absolutely love the experience over the last few months especially. 

It's been awesome to have Martin Frener sharing my camera. The photography we both end up with is awesome.

The recent R32 battles have been amazing. So grateful to have these images. 

Just prior to these shots we had our 4-car Moon sessions.

Adding some temporary trees to split the track in half, tests our skills.  

and it's so awesome when you get it just right.

seeing the cars flash past the trees is awesome.

So cool! This is Touge Style Teamwork.

High Speed entries... no drama.   Rear wheel lockups... the sign of adjustment.

Now sometimes, we get off line...

And the lines don't work out

And the next lap doesn't work either. but when you run this close...

it's always exciting.

... and when they end up like this, Big Smiles..

So unlucky this is out of focus. My camera's auto focus is not so easy to use.

But I included these shots because the cars were in great positions.

High Speed switch coming up.

sneaking up the inside...

Slow Manji around the trees... 

 Fast switch is just prior to the high speed entry.  While we don;t go for backwards entries in the train, Its a regular occurrence.

When it's like this... the outcome is undecided. Drag to the next corner or fall into line. Take over the lead or back out to chase. All three are OK for me.

So as the lights go down at GCRC. We only really have 2 sessions remaining and what come's next is undecided. 

I've been blessed to have experienced so much.

Let's keep those flames alive...


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