Sunday, November 27, 2016

DRB-REW Snapshots

DRB-REW configs are flexible. Out of the 40 sold no two are the same.

Typically the colours are associated with the well known powerful Japanese words.

Silver SSG Chassis - Polished Silver Alloy  - Typhoon
Silver SSG Chassis - Blue Alloy  - Tsunami
Black CSG Chassis - Red Alloy  - Samurai
Black CSG Chassis - Black Alloy  - Ninja
Black CSG Chassis - Gold Alloy  - Kin no Yoroi (gold armour)

But these have a mix and match

Silver SSG Chassis - Black Alloy.

Black CSG Chassis - Blue Alloy.  

DRB 4WD components are long gone.

But it's really only front knuckles that are required for more angle. 

Different versions with individuality

These two are mostly comprised of Overdose upgrades.

Since I developed the DRB-REW, a whole host of components have been produced.

My Blue Front servo machine is still performing perfectly.

If I were to recommend a setup these days. It's somewhere I'm heading with my silver REW

Front servo and FR-D Wipers are a definite good thing.

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  1. Is there a way I can purchase a conversion kit for my DRB.


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