Sunday, November 20, 2016

GCRCD - Saturday Sundown Showdown

Saturday Sundown Showdown was created as a fun event with a competition feel. 

Its great to showcase the RWD scale flavour of the SLIDERS club.

Qualify and Battle, Trains and more. 

Line up criminals. About to schred.

Turbos at the ready

Nissans Toyotas and the odd Mazda and US import. 

Show and Shine


Pull out of the pits. It's go time.

Images change from under to over-exposed depending on position.

GCRCD circuit is quite dark in places as cars travel quite quickly for the camera to adjust.

But we do our best to make an image be a little more interesting.

GT-R. becomes StageA

Pipes are only slightly bent.

Plenty of R32s, These A~Bo~Moon shells have been munched for just on a year.

but still holding up well.

 Start line to first clip. DP-R style

Then hit the scoring boxes. Misses are deducted on quali. Charlie "Jonno" went on to Top Qualify.

go deeper to eliminate line deduction 

Getting your chassis to weight shift and squat like this is very tough on Concrete.

Only 2 CS runners out of the field.

A real challenge for these guys to keep with the RWD.

But also the reverse is true. Hard to follow ken block style also.

Go the Rota!

Darth Vader can drift pretty well, even with the force turned off. Or was it? DRB-REW represent!

 FXX also running well.

Recent change from 4WD to 2WD with great results.

And some mostly plastic DP action.

There were many great battles

But as always, the great battles result with one great driver eliminated.

Such is competition

The small mistakes hurt

4WD 'maro

Repocharge in the early rounds.

Evening up the draw

speed difference also tests your abilities. 

Having a car thats stable at low and high speed is important.

Check out your opponent

 Honing in.

Then pull away.

Very close first lap.

But if there's a spin. you end up alone. 

 But sometimes you end up alone... Spins under pressure. easy to do.

Starting close. 

finishing close.

Semi final 1.

Arynz Slider taking this semi. Myself (.RSG.) taking the other.  

Battle for third

As I didn't photograph my own battles. there's a few missing links ion this coverage. 

But there was some of this when the judging was mixed up.

Martin doing a great job with judging. A major skill in itself. With battles so tight, it's a tough call.  

A few double battles for me vs my regular battle partners going to sudden death.

Just sneaked past D.Redman (black 32)

and a double run against A.Sharma (Yellow 32)

.RSG. (White R32) thats me... taking the win.

Check the GCRCD Facebook page for Finals videos.

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