Tuesday, November 29, 2016

GCRCD- Sponsored

GCRCD has some new extras thanks to RC-Mart & Yeah Racing.

Having had a good relationship with them for some time, their contribution to the world RC community really can't be ignored.

The sponsor logo flags add immediate impact to the circuit.   

and we immediately put one of their new products to work... the Yeah Racing 1/10 Road Safety Barricade is awesome.

With just two sets connected, we were immediately able to add a new challenge to the track.

Everyone started out nervous... but soon the tight space was attacked. 

The barricades need to be filled with liquid or sand to make them a bit heavier to resist impact. but we simply taped them in place. Perfect temporary solution to change up a track.

We also grabbed a couple of banners which will add to our walls. 

Adding to the feel of the circuit. Without a nearby shop that's dedicated to RC Drift. I've been shopping with these guys for years as their range is second to none. Whether be drift or other car focused RC adventures. check them out.

Flags can disappear into the background, but the really do add to the imagery. I think we have about 40 figures also that only sometimes grab your eye. But just like any scene, they add to the fun.

New body debut also. Fun Fun Fun.

So after removing the "daily challenge" the guys were back into the battles at full pace.

The JZX battle was great to watch. Driftline DL-Zero Yokomo Mark II vs DRB-REW Overdose Cresta 

 Joined by a new YD-2 with VX dock under the Black 32 flashing past...

Immediately we noticed the stability in the dock setup, but lacking in raw angle and margin for error provided by long wipers. It's still early days in the development of this one.

FXX mixing up the train.

  And battling hard. Here vs Overdose Vacula.

Again a great night at GCRCD with a couple of visitors.

And thanks to RC-Mart for adding to our enjoyment. I've got a couple of reviews to come.

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