Tuesday, November 8, 2016

GCRCD 2 Night

Tandem and trains mixing into one.

Jump on board.

My temporary bridge providing a focal point. Zoom Zoom.

Lining up for the run...

Jamming it under the bridge. the flag gives you a reference to stay off the fence.

but it doesn't stop the close action

It all happens very quickly.

Quite a few great laps for the camera

The guys don't choke too much in front of the cameras these days. 

Training ftw.

One thing that Ive been wanting/needing to do is maintenance on my DRB-REW "Tsunami". I've been busy since returning from Japan, so it's definitely showing signs of slowing down from neglect. Shocks and smoothness. ... GONE.

Then you see something familiar. A couple of machines I had built a while ago. 

The Holden Battles are still fun.

Gemini Monster and...

and VC Commodore.

Over the rise.

With Darth on board.

A great night to enjoy some Cars and some Drift.

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