Tuesday, November 1, 2016

GCRCD 2sday Challenge

How many times do you try for that perfect high speed entry? Let's see what it takes at GCRCD.

Now this kind of image is standard fare. 

 Regular Tsuiso/Tandem is honestly pretty easy.

We can maintain this proximity lap after lap.

Doesn't matter who is running ...

If you keep this "iroha" 1/2 or 1 car spacing then drift trains are pretty easy too.

We are all becoming more confident.

And there is definitely more on the agenda.

So tonight I challenged the guys to push a bit harder. (for 30 mins) 

A few demo runs to show what I was after. Raise the speed / aggression / to the ultimate limit.

I think a slightly back entry a few mm from the fence at full speed is about the best I'll probably ever do.

Glad this was captured.

Huge thanks to J.R for operating the moment capture equiment

 There is a dead straight approach to this corner... if you want it to be.

And it needs to be if you want that sliding distance. 

You also need to be bumper to bumper on initiation if you want that side by side. 

too quick or too slow, slightly off line or not aggressive enough means the result is good but not spectacular.

The more everyone tried, the faster and deeper we went, and eventually 

you get those that are are approaching great.

some of the single runs... started to get awesome!

Sliding deeeeeeeeeep from the extra speed. And the official's tower started to become a target.

However getting the best in tandem is even harder again.

Trying your best is all you can do.

And i'm sure everyone took something away from this short adventure.

GCRCD's surface has grip, it has slide, but extracting both takes something we all strive for.  Using different skills can reward the RC Drifter.

This style was heavily influenced from adventures at Team Tetsujin. A short session opens your mind to style choices. 

Straight running, deep slides and ultimate commitment.

Brings out the something you may not think you have.

However we drive, we always let everyone know what we are doing so we can play together.
Regular Tandem , Trains and Competition Style all have skills you can add to each other style.
GCRCD Style has many flavours. We play hard & Train together.

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