Wednesday, November 2, 2016

DRB-REW Overdosed

It's been over a year since the debut of the DRB-REW but maintenance and finishing touches keep coming.

This DRB is my original machine from 2011. That's a lot of revolutions on those bearings, shafts etc.

Most components have been replaced but some of the main ones keep on keeping on.

regular rebuilds of shocks are an absolute necessity.

BD-7 mounts, Active Hobby pistons, BD-7 Titanium shafts, some new bladders and guides and high grade o-rings supported by green slime, Losi 10wt oil and you eventually get a low friction item.

Overdose Decoration Caps and adjusters have recently finished these off and now look and feel great.  

A few components are due for replacement... again! Overdose rear shafts wore out long long ago. Rear hubs and bearing have "active toe" aka need some work. 

And many of the once perfect components for 4WD had to modified for RWD.

So now is there anything left to change? Yes indeed. Almost all of it!!! Having owned this chassis for 5 years, it's showing a lot of signs...

... most bearings need replacing, most parts where movement meets static like sus shafts and pins and the arms they mount through also need checking.

It gets abused and at times neglected, but you have to take a step back sometimes and make that expensive list.

You think you have nothing to do? Have a close look at your chassis. 


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