Sunday, November 20, 2016

GCRCD Boss Style

Rocket Bunny Styled S14 Boos is unmistakeable. 

Well... maybe only from the front.

GCRCD Saturday preparations saw all the S14's on track.

All the details add that little bit more.. 

BRE and Street Style influences. 

Sliding wild.

one of the few remaining CS machines at GCRC still manages to circulate in style

While the lines and corner exit speeds are a little different, there's usually a couple of points where you can go door to door.

Crank up the aggression.

and chjase down the boss, with the boss and boss.

so who is the boss?

this boss?

or this boss?

hang on, that's not the boss, but it is an S14 that looks BOSS!

And this is not the boss either...


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