Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Monster ND Project Shakedown @ GCRCD

The Pandemonium has started.

RCArtPlastics ND Roadster is near complete so I rolled it out for a shakedown.

Mounting the ND is a tough task. On my YD-2 the wheel base is shortened to it's minimum 255mm.

I tried a few options with Yokomo and speedline tyres tyre height is necessary. But width is also a limiting factor. It's hard to get +16 on the rear. Front is +12 still with massive tuck.

I ended up with Team Tetsujin Sunflower +12 rear and +9 front with large hubs.

Yokomo ZeroR4 tyres are used for height. Rear bar also had to be trimmed 5mm and the rear valance re-positioned to get the ride height low enough to match the stance.  

The result is very good.

On track image is ready... But still to add some Monster.

flat black used to hide the imperfections in the mould... of which there are many.  

Hardtop remains on... for the time being. 

Chrome Green Wild Willy at the helm.

YD-2 needs adjustment to match the shorter wheelbase and settings changed a lot from stock.

Good enough to lead...

But not really consistent enough for controlled gaps tonight.

Roll cage to go in. 

Slides ok. short size means battle lines are variable. hard to pick one.

more to come....

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