Wednesday, November 23, 2016

FR-86 Project Update

FR-86 Project is getting there. But It's a PITA!!!!

Maybe on paper the parts list doesn't look too big. But when the single large pieces are broken down into front fenders, bonnet, light covers etc .... I hate to count... At least over 50 individual lexan pieces and then there's the accessories.

 Engine... Sure. But it's the radiotor, Oil cooler, Hoses, Wiring, etc etc that takes a whole bunch of time.

I already reduced the size of the front tower, but because I like to run my bodies super low. 

This plastic tower had to be sacrificed. I'll also re-position the wiring, But the FR-D (Front Engine Rear Drive - Drifter) will suit this machine. Shock position is not ideal, but still very functional. Any loss in front end grip, I'll make up for with some stickier treaded tyres. 

Test fitting the sans-fender imagery is weird to get used to but the lights will change it up.  If I loose the fenders and bumper in an "accident" It will still be cool! I'll be mounting the fenders a little wider and the fender flares will also extend the front.

Once the front end is lined up, lights fitted and bumpers and fenders positioned. The bonnet will be the last thing cut off to reveal that Oooooh moment. I hope...

It will ride lower than this... heaps of space.

Still sooo much to do... little by little.

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